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The Plimsoll Industry Report

How the analysis is delivered

We offer the Plimsoll Industry Analysis in 2 formats to suit different requirements. Just choose your industry from the 1600 UK industries available.

You can choose the pdf format this gives you a detailed snapshot of the industry today. This is up to the minute information from Companies House, analysed using our unrivalled method - the Plimsoll Model - and with ratings, valuations and 5 years of accounts on every company. This costs £350 + Vat.

Or you can choose our online industry report at £600 for 12 months access:

  • Constantly updated with figures added as soon as companies file them, alerting you instantly to changes in the market.
  • Flexible for your use allowing you to filter companies by size, region, growth, profitability, value and much more. Instant analysis of just the companies that interest you and with mini reports through to full pdfs that can be downloaded when you wish giving you constant access.
  • Includes the snapshot pdf which usually retails at £350 +Vat completely free
  • Fully customisable by adding colleagues access, signing up for text alerts to changes, adding more companies, personalising your own...
  • And many more benefits from this unique product.

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