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Find out how the Plimsoll Analysis can help youScroll down
Find out how the Plimsoll Analysis can help youScroll down
The Plimsoll Analysis lets you monitor competitors, spot acquisitions and see where you sit in your market - all in one convenient study

What will a Plimsoll Analysis show you?

The Plimsoll Analysis has been used by directors and senior decision makers for almost three decades to give them the intelligence they need to make sense of the markets they operate in. The analysis is constantly updated from Companies House information to give you the latest view of the market so you can:

  • See how your own company compares to others
  • Pick out the latest hot acquisition prospects
  • Be alerted to companies that pose a threat
  • Get early warning of companies heading for failure
  • Spot exceptional performers in your market
  • Share the analysis with 5 colleagues

Plimsoll have a marvellous ability to gather relevant financial data on companies and present it in a clear, helpful way. quote

John Priestland, Global Strategy Director, WSP Global
Plimsoll Analysis

The Plimsoll Rating enables you to identify 9 out of 10 failing companies 2 years in advance

Choose the relevant Plimsoll Analysis for your industry and you will get an instant, constantly updated opinion on the health and prospects of every company. From the largest player down to the smallest start up, each company will have been rated as Strong, Good, Mediocre, Caution or Danger. These ratings will let you quickly see who is flourishing, who is heading for failure, what the strong are doing differently and much more.

No company escapes the Plimsoll Rating - 9 out of 10 companies currently in administration were rated "Danger" by Plimsoll up to 2 years prior to their demise.

The Plimsoll Chart is a very accurate way to measure overall financial strength. I use it to identify distressed and poorly run companies. quote

Jonathon Jones | Commercial Director | Tregothnan
Plimsoll Analysis

Company values revealed

Every company in each Plimsoll Analysis is also valued. Plimsoll has been valuing companies for almost three decades and our easy to read valuations will let you:

  • See how much your own company is worth based on the latest data
  • Compare the value of every company to the rest of its market rivals
  • Separate companies increasing in value from those in decline
  • Determine a possible price for acquisition

We achieved spot-on the overall value that your research had suggested. Your company valuation turned out to be more accurate than we expected. quote

Andrew Jacobs | A Poortman (London) Ltd
Plimsoll Analysis

See the best takeover targets

Whether you're actively looking for takeovers or purely intrigued as to who might be changing ownership in the near future, the Plimsoll Analysis will give you the information you need to make the right choice. For each company in over 1600 different industries you will get:

  • An "Acquisition Attractiveness Score"
  • A 9-point takeover checklist detailing key criteria that make the company attractive
  • A written summary of key features of the company including ownership structure
  • A future year showing its potential to new owners

Plimsoll reports are invaluable as a starting point when identifying acquisition targets. They are also useful in preliminary negotiations with a target business. quote

Richard Stoughton | MD | Crossflight Limited
Plimsoll Analysis

Analyse your competitors

In these highly competitive times, wouldn't you want an instant opinion on every company you compete with or trade against? Regardless of the industry you operate in the Plimsoll Analysis will give you an instant competitive advantage. Imagine the convenience of having an easy to read analysis that will show you:

  • The fastest growing players in the market
  • The most profitable competitors
  • The "overtrading" companies that are chasing sales despite mounting losses
  • What the strongest competitors are doing right

We always subscribe to the Plimsoll Analysis. It's really important to know what the best are achieving to help you reset your goals. quote

Anthony Hooey | Signet International Limited
Plimsoll Analysis

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quote We are now growing principally through acquisition. The ability to have good, organised, up to date information from Plimsoll has been crucial to this so that we can target specific businesses. quote

Richard Stoughton | Managing Director | Crossflight Limited