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I have received support from plimsoll for more than 20 + years. In that time, they are always one step ahead in feeding my requirements about many kinds of financial insights regarding multiple types of customers I am trying to contact and understand, whether importer, wholesaler, retailer, mail order or speciality stores and DIY stores. Plimsoll always lives up to its promises. For me it is like a marriage bureau! Generally, a marriage bureau helps you find a soul mate or a life mate, plimsoll helps in creating an unprecedented financial bond for you in the same way, as a seeker to find the right mate. (May 2024)

Vivek Gupta | Owner | Kairav Living

I’ve been a fan of the work Plimsoll have done for me for a number of years. The iteration was not exactly what I needed to be useful so I emailed and got to speak with David who did what was asked of him, quickly. The businesses we now watch give a great overall picture of the state of play. Those identified with weak financial strength have since gone. It took a few years but we were able to brace ourselves and minimise the potential damage. Over the years the accounts we watch have moved from the wholesale to the retail sectors and Plimsoll have adapted to the changes in our business. Plimsoll is a service I’d recommend any business to take a close look at. And they look after you once you’ve invested your money. (February 2024).

Julian Wiles | Founder & Owner | Performance Lenses Ltd

Plimsoll provide a really useful tool which gives our Directors and Shareholders a valuable insight into our current standing within our industry. We are currently 12 months into a company restructure, with the EOT completion due to be completed by October 2024, so again the Plimsoll analysis provides helpful information. (January 2024)

Robert Page | Managing Director | Greenhatch Group Ltd.

It’s been a great pleasure working with Plimsoll, I greatly appreciate the time spent by the Senior Analyst to explain the data collection/analysis patiently. I really enjoyed talking with someone who takes great care on data integrity, comprehensiveness and meaningful analysis. I wish Plimsoll continued success for many good years. (November 2023)

Market Research Director | MiTek

Pentaxia operates in the highly competitive advanced composite market. We have always monitored other companies in our sector, but it has been really challenging reviewing Companies House filings. Plimsoll has been a revelation, as it brings together all the key data in a digestible form in a fraction of the time. Crucial in a competitive market! (November 2023)

Stephen Ollier | Chairman | Pentaxia

We initially chose to subscribe to Plimsoll analysis to gain more understanding of how we compare to the competitors in our industry based on publicly available financial information which is not very well presented on Companies House. What we actually found was that the interpretation of the data regularly provided by Senior Analyst, David gave us far more valuable insights than we had anticipated enabling us to adapt some of the key metrics in our own business. (October 2023)

Finance Director | Leading Asbestos Specialist

We changed over about a year ago from what was basically a credit check service (which really only gave us basic financial information) which I think was really designed for retail businesses to check out their customers before entering into a contract. As we supply the majority of our products to NHS Hospitals it wasn’t really what we wanted and therefore approached Plimsoll for a trial. Since then we have already used the service on a regular basis and already re-signed for another year. We find it invaluable to benchmark our sales and financial performance against the top 1500 UK medical device suppliers, which gives us enormous re-assurance throughout the year that we are either keeping up with the leaders or beating the poor performers. We like the fact that the reports are updated live throughout the year as those companies post their results and a new analysis is published. The best part for me is the confidential full accounts analysis we get of ourselves every year, which gives us confidence that our strategy is on track. Finally another great service are the monthly updates David Pattison sends us outlining any corporate news and trends, which is really useful rather than the basically static service others provide, after the fee is paid. Give the above I can highly recommend Plimsoll if you are interested in benchmarking your company against your direct focussed competitors which incidentally can be customised. (October 2023)

Chris Pearson | Managing Director | Health Tec Medical Ltd

We chose Plimsoll as we needed a one stop shop to provide the financial analysis we needed on our sector. We use the information to benchmark our own group performance, but also to inform and alert us to possible acquisition targets of the future. The more bespoke 'Insights' analysis provided by the Plimsoll experts are an invaluable service which enables us to bring to life the financial information provided. Navigation of the Plimsoll 'TALAT' site is intuitive and simple. We would recommend Plimsoll to anyone who wishes to have a privileged glimpse behind the curtain of their chosen sector. (October 2023)

Colin Campbell | Group Managing Director | TAC Holding

Plimsoll provide an easy to navigate, low cost system which enables us to keep an eye on financial movements within our industry and those closely related (at both complete and company levels). Their cost model makes this a far more effective way of analysing data than to collate the same information inhouse. When additional, more granular detail is necessitated, they are quick to get hold of and timely in their responses. When conducting our own financial due diligence assessments of our supply chain, Plimsoll are consistently retained as a value for money, informative product. (October 2023)

Alex Howard | Head of Operations | HATS Group

As we have developed and grown Wake Marine’s business in recent years, it has been very useful to compare our performance with similar firms in the ship broking field. Plimsoll’s large data base of companies and its excellent analysis allows us to do just that – particularly in the areas of turnover and profitability. (July 2023)

Steve Lavallin | Chief Executive | Wake Marine Ltd

I discovered Plimsoll through word of mouth through my solicitor, who was helping me sell my shares for a company I co-founded, and I needed an independent third party to provide a valuation. The turnaround time to finish the report was within 24 hours which was fantastic. The analyst I was assigned, Kevin Solomon, was incredibly responsive to emails and when I rang with questions, he always provided instant answers on the phone and clearly was very knowledgeable on the subject. I was also astounded with the level of detail within the report, I was expecting one to two pages of calculations and a result, instead I got 50 pages with explanations of how they calculate the value, the metrics used and even comparisons of my company to others in the sector. All this information was very well presented and easy to read. I would absolutely use Plimsoll again in the future without hesitation and will suggest them to others. (March 2023)

Ashley Weet | Director | JV Controls Ltd

I approached Plimsoll to undertake a Valuation project for my company Valens Pay. The analyst I dealt with, ensured that the brief was adhered to and provided me with the completed project on time, and I found the whole process was straightforward. The report was comprehensive and set out the detail of the methodology and then compared us to our competitors which also re enforced the work by benchmarking it. Overall, I was very pleased with the work Plimsoll completed for us, we will definitely return in the future as our business evolves and I would not hesitate to recommend them.(March 2023)

James Holmes | Owner | Valens Pay

We’ve used Plimsoll for a little while, and had found it very interesting. However, as a result of asking a question about why some measures were chosen over others, I had a brilliant conversation with the senior Plimsoll Analyst, David Pattison. He opened my eyes to a wealth of information available in terms of benchmarking reports and hints and tips about how to leverage the Plimsoll model functionality. As a result not only will I be able to spend more time on analysis rather than producing insight, we will also have at our fingertips a comprehensive view of how the market is performing in our sector. It was an hour incredibly well spent, and means that I am now more eager than ever to open the emails from David and to pour over the insights. (February 2023)

Jo Finch | Finance Director | Stanton House

I have been a long time user of Plimsoll. I find their reports very insightful and detailed. It really helps me get to know an industry and the movers and shakers in that industry. Furthermore, I have always found the people I deal with at Plimsoll to be very friendly, very helpful and very efficient. (January 2023)

Jane Pover FCCA | Director | Frazer Hall Corporate Finance

I think the Plimsoll Board Report is concise, precise, very informative and excellent value. Your service is second to none and the Plimsoll team are a pleasure to work with.

David Bramhill | Executive Chairman | Union Jack Oil

If we hadn’t found the Plimsoll Analysis we wouldn’t have been able to gather the information we needed as a business to grow our company. Since using Plimsoll, it has even taught us more aspects to look at rather than just looking at the size or the sector of the business. Plimsoll has helped us endlessly and has even opened our eyes to other parts of the “acquisition world” we never would have thought of! "It sounded too good to be true… but now we recommend Plimsoll to many of our associates when they are looking for help because of how much Plimsoll has helped us.

Jess Scott | CEO | Oracle Solutions Ltd

The valuation report is most comprehensive and just what I was looking for. I want a valuation with you every year as it is really helpful for growing my business.

Robbie O'Keefe | The Football Academy

We achieved spot-on the overall value that your research had suggested. Your company Valuation report turned out to be more accurate than we expected.

Andrew Jacobs | A Poortman (London) Ltd

I see the Plimsoll Analysis as a starting point when identifying acquisition targets. The industry ranking tables help me identify suitable targets quickly in line with our criteria.

Richard Stoughton | MD Crossflight Limited

Trading up to TALAT is a no-brainer. Dynamic access to the data throughout the year must be more valuable than an occasional snapshot.

Howard Lickens | CEO | Clear Insurance Management Limited

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