About Plimsoll

“No decision maker should ever be caught out by the failure of a competitor, miss out on an excellent acquisition opportunity or fail to spot a looming threat. All the signs are there if you just take a moment to look”

Don Turkington, founder of Plimsoll Publishing Ltd

Beginning in 1987 with analysis of the Agriculture industry, Plimsoll now analyses industries across the Globe. We provide country specific industry analysis for markets around the world including the UK, France, Italy, and Spain. In one language and currency, Plimsoll also provides Global and Continental industry analyses.

Plimsoll prides itself on the fact we can provide continuously updated analysis on over 1600 different industries.

Using industry lists, directories and customer recommendations Plimsoll's multi-lingual team continue to build and update existing industry analysis titles suitable for you. Plimsoll will open your eyes to results of businesses slightly outside your immediate sphere if we believe it's relevant.

Based on company accounts filed at Companies House, the standardised Plimsoll Model exposes trends in company performance uninfluenced by opinion.

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How we help our clients

  • Benchmarking
  • Target
  • Spot Danger
  • Increase
  • Know Your

We count some of the world’s most famous companies among our clients. A Plimsoll Analysis helps them to make better decisions more quickly and with confidence. These are some of the primary applications our customers use their Plimsoll Analysis for:

  • Benchmarking their own performance
  • Monitor the change in the market
  • Pick out acquisition prospects
  • Monitor up and coming threats
  • Spot competitors heading for danger
  • Stay abreast of changes in the market
  • Reset their goals based on the latest KPI’s

Stable Company

Plimsoll Chart

Overall Financial Health

Struggling Company

Plimsoll Chart

Overall Financial Health

High Performing Company

Plimsoll Chart

Overall Financial Health

A unique way to understand the health of any company

9 out of 10 previously failed companies were given a Danger Rating by Plimsoll 2 years prior to their demise

Plimsoll provides business leaders with a set of tools to monitor the financial welfare of their company, their rivals, or those they wish to acquire. In the UK, Plimsoll sells over 1,600 industry specific reports that analyse individual company performance alongside key industry trends and developments. Our unique format of analysis and it’s ability to simplify the complex is used to assess the attractiveness of potential acquisitions, gain better understanding of a market and identify sound companies with whom to trade.

The most important part of any Plimsoll Analysis is the Plimsoll Chart. This powerful chart gives an immediate evaluation of a company's overall financial performance and shows whether it has declined or improved over the last year. Such is the power of the Plimsoll Chart, nine out of ten previously failed companies had a low and falling line on this chart up to two years prior to their demise. Other charts and comments included on each company's individual assessment will draw your attention to areas of strength or weakness.

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Keeping You Up-to-date

Plimsoll has recently revolutionised the way industry and financial analysis is reported. TALAT - or Take A Look At That - is Plimsoll's online, interactive format that is updated constantly as companies file accounts. TALAT will tell you everything you need to know about the market, your business and fellow competitors. TALAT allows you to be the first to spot acquisition opportunities, company failure and up and coming companies in your market

So, empower yourself and search for your industry. Remember we are here to help if you can't find an industry specific analysis that meets your requirements

Our History

Established in 1987, our company name, 'Plimsoll', refers to Samuel Plimsoll, best known for introducing a safe loading line for merchant ships in the 19th Century. The visual principle invented by Samuel Plimsoll to ensure the safe loading level of ships, inspired the founder of Plimsoll Publishing Ltd. Don Turkington recognised that a similar method could be used to give early warning signs of danger within a company.

Don launched Plimsoll to provide a standardised model which instantly shows the reader, whether financially trained or not, the overall wellbeing of any company. Based on extensive research to identify the most responsive financial ratios the Plimsoll Model was created and it will instantly reveal key elements of any company’s commercial health

Samuel Plimsoll

Our Clients Include

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