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Consolidation ahead for the Airline market?


Do the rumours swirling that Virgin Atlantic has its eye on Flybe, indicate that consolidation is gathering pace in the overcrowded Airline market? Flybe is the latest airline to creak under financ...

Is the Success of the E-Cigarette Industry About to be Cut Short?


The electronic cigarette industry is one of the fastest growing markets in UK. Research from business intelligence firm Plimsoll Publishing has rated over half of the companies in the market as financ...

Prices Being Lowered In The Funeral Directors Industry


  The Co-op Group has pledged to slash the cost of funerals and match any rival offers plunging the market into a price war.  With the company holding around 16% of the UK market, the imp...

Coffee Industry Heats Up as Giants Target Expansion


With Coca-Cola’s £3.9bn takeover of Costa Coffee and Starbucks opening in Italy, what is in store for the coffee industry in the UK and internationally? According to the British Coffee ...

Online Travel Agencies: How Technology is Transforming Travel


  Tourism as a whole is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide; according the World Travel & Tourism Council it accounts for 10.4% of global GDP and 1 in 10 jobs worldwide. As we...

15 Brexit Beating UK Industries


Which UK industries are best placed to thrive in post Brexit Britain? With all the challenges facing the economy at the moment, Plimsoll has taken a look at over 1600 UK markets and identified those ...