The Plimsoll Analysis will give you a completely new insight into the performance, financial health and value of the UK's 460 leading Antique Dealers companies. You will receive an up to date opinion on each company showing those in difficulty, the fastest growing, the best takeover targets and much more. The latest analysis will show you:

  • 86 companies are in danger

    Based on this months data, the Plimsoll Analysis has rated 86 companies as Danger. With 9 out of 10 previously failed Antique Dealers companies given the same Danger rating 2 years prior to their demise, the analysis will give you early warning of who is next.

    Each of the 460 Antique Dealers companies included in the Plimsoll Analysis has been rated Strong, Good, Mediocre, Caution or Danger. These ratings are based on the Plimsoll Model - our unique graphical model that highlights the current strength of each company and measures change in performance over the previous 4 years.

    The following is a breakdown of the performance ratings revealed in the analysis this month:

    •  Strong (161 Companies)
    •  Good (32 Companies)
    •  Mediocre (40 Companies)
    •  Caution (141 Companies)
    •  Danger (86 Companies)

    These ratings change each month as the analysis incorporates more up to date company accounts. You will be among the first to see who is improving and which companies are in decline.

  • 227 companies are ripe for takeover

    Right now, directors of other Antique Dealers companies are using a Plimsoll Analysis to find the best takeover targets in your market. In fact, the analysis has named 227 highly attractive targets that you need to look at first.

    Each company in the Plimsoll Analysis is rated on their attractiveness for takeover. A 9 point checklist is provided on each company to determine their attractivenes and this is presented in a simple "fuel gauge" style measure. The higher the gauge the more attractive the company.

    The following is a breakdown of this months latest acquisition findings from the analysis:

    • 74 - companies that are rated as "highly attractive" in the analysis
    • 369 - companies are "Worth considering"
    • 11 - companies are "Unattractive"
    Location No of companies No of Prospects
    East Midlands 20 9
    East of England 27 16
    London 5 3
    North East 21 13
    North West 174 77
    Northern Ireland 3 1
    Scotland 13 5
    South East 7 4
    South West 15 7
    Wales 16 10
    West Midlands 5 4
    Yorkshire and the Humber 35 19
  • 144 companies are making a loss

    As a further sign of the intense competition within the UK industry, 65 companies continue to sell at a loss for the 2nd year running. These serial loss makers are adding to the congestion in the market, often undercutting the rest of the market and driving down profit margins across the board.

    The next 12 months represents something of a crossroads for these companies as they face 2 distinct choices; either they operate more responsibly or they run out of cash.

    No of Companies Average Profit Margin
    Most profitable 154 7.8
    Least profitable 306 0
    Industry Average 460

    Each company's profitability is assessed in detail and a 5 year trend analysis allows for year on year comparisons.

    • 86 companies have been rated as danger
    • 227 companies have been identified as prime acquisition prospects
    • 65 companies are selling at a loss for the 2nd year in a row
  • 44 companies lose over a quarter of their value

    44 companies have seen their overall value fall by more than a quarter in their latest year. While most other companies have added to their overall worth, these companies need to arrest a worrying decline.

    Where else would you get an instant valuation on 460 Antique Dealers companies, based on the latest accounts for each company that will instantly show you who is up and who is falling? The analysis also provides a valuation for each of the previous 4 years and also a "future year" showing what it could be worth in the future.

    The valuations in the analysis are updated as soon as we receive new accounts and the following is a breakdown of this months findings:

    44 - companies that have lost over a quarter of their value

    119 - companies that have increased in value in the latest year

What else will a Plimsoll Analysis show you?

The Plimsoll Analysis has been used by directors and senior decision makers for almost three decades to give them the intelligence they need to make sense of the markets they operate in. Based on the latest company data possible, it will let you:

  • See how your own company compares to others
  • Pick out the latest hot acquisition prospects
  • Be alerted to companies that pose a threat
  • Get early warning of companies heading for failure
  • Spot exceptional performers in your market
  • Share the analysis with 5 colleagues

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