Thomas Cook

4th July 2019

Five of the UK's biggest industries that are currently struggling for growth

As the UK economy flirts with recession, Plimsoll has taken a look at 5 large markets that are struggling for growth:

Dental Practices

Despite a well-publicized dental health crisis, with as many as 1 in 6 practices not able to offer patient care on the NHS, private practices are struggling for growth. The top 1000 Dental Practices in the UK have an average growth of just 0.2% in the latest year. What next for the market?

TV, Film & Media Production

New EU laws requiring 30% of content on streaming service such as Netflix to be locally sourced won’t come into effect until 2020. Unless the UK imposes similar content requirements after Brexit, production companies, already struggling with only 0.2% growth in the latest year, will find it hard to break out of the current stagnation in the market.

Magazine Media

Can the dawn of innovations such as Readly arrest the decline in the Magazine industry? With seemingly endless evolutions in the way we consume media these days, more needs to be done to get the market growing beyond the current annual growth rate of 0.4%. Can Magazine Media for a way to exist in an increasingly digital world?


While rightly under pressure from the government to address problem gambling, the market is stagnant at best with growth across the industry stuck at 0.5%. Can the industry responsibly get back to a steady growth pattern?

Furniture Manufacturing

The imminent scaling back of the UK’s flame-retardant rules on upholstery will increase competition from overseas manufacturers that have less stringent standards. With the UK market already struggling on growth rates of less than 1%, how will current participants cope?

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