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Is The UK Economy Due For A Flood Of Cash Once The Brexit Fog Clears?


A wall of money could flow into the UK economy as soon as there is clarity on where we are heading as a country. UK businesses have significantly increased the amount of cash they are retaining. If ...

How Smart Investment is Saving the Watch Industry


With the likes of Apple hot on their heels, are the world’s leading watch manufacturers finally entering the 21st century? As the watch industry has seen in recent years, not even luxury is i...

Cooking Up Trouble In The UK Restaurants Market


Gaucho is the latest UK restaurant chain operator to call in administrators as the consequences of shifting customer preference and oversaturation in the market continues. The group which operates t...

Which Industries Are Most Likely To Be Affected By Brexit?


According to most political commentators, “No Deal” is as likely now as at any time during the Brexit negotiations. With 43% of UK exports in goods and services going to countries within t...

Growing Pains for the UK Brewery Industry?


  The last five years have seen a sharp increase in the number of UK breweries, in part due to tax breaks introduced for small breweries which were introduced in 2002. But the rise in popularity...

Unless There Is A Brexit Deal In The Offing, Airbus Has Threatened To Leave The UK.


That’s a seismic shift in the UK’s engineering landscape. At a stroke that would wipe out the £1.4 billion Airbus pay into HM Treasury in tax revenues, eliminate 14000 direct jobs at...