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15 Brexit Beating UK Industries


Which UK industries are best placed to thrive in post Brexit Britain? With all the challenges facing the economy at the moment, Plimsoll has taken a look at over 1600 UK markets and identified those ...

How The UK Housing Market Is Affecting Estate Agents


With house prices struggling for growth, interest rate worries possibly dampening demand and the ongoing dearth of property coming onto the market, it’s certainly going to be an “interes...

Are Rising Fuel Costs Bringing The Airlines Industry Back Down To Earth?


With rising fuel costs, strikes and pay disputes, a pilot recruitment crisis, growing political uncertainty in previously stable areas and now the impact of looming trade wars, it’s a complica...

A Look At The UK Markets Most Exposed To The Recent Interest Rate Hikes


With the Bank of England raising interest rates, heavily indebted companies are going to find the cost of servicing their debt just got that little bit more expensive. Plimsoll has taken a deeper look...

Is The UK Economy Due For A Flood Of Cash Once The Brexit Fog Clears?


A wall of money could flow into the UK economy as soon as there is clarity on where we are heading as a country. UK businesses have significantly increased the amount of cash they are retaining. If ...

How Smart Investment is Saving the Watch Industry


With the likes of Apple hot on their heels, are the world’s leading watch manufacturers finally entering the 21st century? As the watch industry has seen in recent years, not even luxury is i...