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Where is the growth in the UK Drinks sector?


With so many factors impacting on the fortunes of the UK Drinks sector, new research has identified which areas of the market are attracting the highest growth and who is making the most profit. New ...

The UK's Most Profitable Industries


Getting the most from abbreviated accounts


Within the UK many small companies have the option to submit abbreviated accounts to Companies House. This means smaller firms do not need to publicly disclose all of their financial accounts – ...

Revealed: The fastest growing Recruitment sector in Europe


The Spanish Recruitment industry is rapidly outpacing major European markets as on average each company is growing twice as fast as others on the continent, new findings reveal. Plimsoll’s late...

One in five Medical Devices firms making a loss


Revealed: The UK's fastest growing industries


As the uncertainty continues to surround the British economy, new results reveal which UK industries are prospering. Result shows that the Teaching Agencies sector has the highest percentage of ...