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Which Industries Are Ripe With Potential Acquisitions?

Published on: 3/07/2018

 So what sectors do we see featuring in acquisition activity in the months ahead?


With average growth across the sector only 3%. Companies are desperate to seek out growth. This along with the recent retail acquisitions, changing eating habits and the challenge of raising margins, suggests the food sector is in for a period of consolidation. Industries we see as particularly interesting.


These sectors still have a high proportion of privately owned firms,

IT Sector

This sector has traditional seen a lot of deals as smaller players requiring funding seek investors. Yet a future IT business is likely to be more diverse and offer a range of services and solutions to a client. Hence we see some activity including:


The sector is going through a period of significant change as home delivery, recycling and environmental challenges impact on the market. Areas where we see high opportunities for acquisitions include:

Heath sector

We will no doubt see a continuation of the consolidation we saw last year in both the

However a move to the more technical parts of the sector could be about to happen as business seek productivity gains and efficiencies in service

These are just some ideas of the sectors where we might see an acceleration in acquisitions in the months ahead.


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