UK Clothing Retailers: the Latest Plimsoll Analysis

British clothing retailers have been hitting the headlines in recent months, among store closures and claims that sales have “fallen off a cliff”, the sector certainly seems to be going through a difficult time.

There are various explanations for the problems faced by companies such as House of Fraser, Debenhams and New Look, including rising debts, a shift towards online shopping and even bad weather.

But despite the negative press, there are a number of companies defying the trends:

JD Sports Fashion PLC

The Plimsoll valuation has increased 160% in 3 years, which along with a rising Plimsoll chart shows a company powering ahead in the market. Ltd

Total sales and sales per employee are rising well above the industry average. This reflects market trends as shoppers move towards online retailers and away from the high street, but is also due to strong marketing and mobile accessibility - both key for young consumers.

Superdry PLC

The Plimsoll Chart sits above the scale indicating a financial strength which is well above the industry average. Superdry is also listed among the Best Trading Partners in the Clothing Retailers report.

The success of these companies proves that despite inevitable changes in the market, there is hope for the retail sector. The most innovative businesses survive by focussing on what they have, and how best to use it, rather than what they might lose due to factors beyond their control. What's more, those that have succeeding in building a unique, resilient brand continue to offer consumers something that cannot be replicated by competitors.

The graphic below gives an overview of how the sector has been analysed in our latest edition of the Plimsoll Analysis, according to the previous 4 years of company data. These ratings change on a monthly basis to reflect the most recent developments taking place in the industry.

Click here to see the infographic: Clothing Retail Industry

The Plimsoll Analysis highlights which companies may be next to face problems, allowing companies to identify new opportunities and stay one step ahead of their competitors. The UK Clothing Retailers report provides detailed information about all of the companies mentioned above, as well as an overview of industry trends each month.

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