Chris Evans

4th December 2015

The productivity race is heating up as employers expect more from their human resources

George Osbourne recently claimed that the low productivity of British companies is “the challenge of our time”…..but there are some industries that are hitting that challenge head on.

While the headline figures in the mainstream media show us an expanding workforce, falling unemployment and a growing private sector, UK companies still lag all of the other G7 countries by some distance.

Pattison continues, “Having analysed over 1600 specific industries in the UK economy, we have ranked the most productive against the unproductive and the difference is stark. The reasons for low productivity are many; over-regulation, poor infrastructure, low wages and too much time lost to checking emails or social media but the challenge for companies in 2016 is this – improve or you will be left behind”.

These are 8 best and worst performing markets:

Industries with the highest productivity

Driving Schools

Film Animation

Joinery Manufacturers

Serviced Offices

Foreign Exchange Services

Fencing Contractors


Granite, Marble & Stone Worktops


Industries with the worst productivity

Private Hospitals & Clinics

Mobile Phones & Accessories

Wines, Beers & Spirits Retailers

Design Engineering

Potato Production & Sales

Oil Fuel Distributors

Textile Merchants

Wind Energy