The Plimsoll Analysis: Analysing the financial health of the world's largest companies

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We have recently published a new industry report which has assessed the financial health of the world’s largest 131 companies.

Unsurprisingly the new report confirms that many of the world’s biggest and well-known brands are continuing to go from strength to strength and are leading the way in their respective industries.

However, this year’s study contains a new entry and one which may not be widely known to those outside Asia.

Company to watch... 

The company is Tencent.

For those who are not aware, Tencent is a Chinese Conglomerate whose subsidiaries specialise in various online services, entertainment, artificial intelligence and technology – both in China and throughout the world.

The company turned 19 in November 2017 year with an estimated market value of $580 billion.

Wide Ranging Services 

Tencent has a very diverse portfolio and this is one of the many reasons why the company has flourished.

The tech giant owns one of the world’s most popular online games in the League of Legends. This game in 2016 had 100 million monthly users. To compare, World of Warcraft peaked at 12 million monthly users in 2010 and every call of duty game combined has 50 million active users.

Its answer to WhatsApp, WeChat, has 963 million monthly users. Tencent Music Entertainment has 700 million active subscribers of which 120 million are paying. To compare Spotify has 159 million active users and 71 million paying users. Even iTunes only has 588 million active monthly users.

Combined across all services Tencent has almost 1 billion monthly users across all its platforms and services. Facebook on the other hand can boost a following of 2 billion monthly users.

It certainly looks like Tencent is making big strides in the global market and it will be interesting to see how their influence grows on the global stage. 

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