The changing nature of the UK retail market

It is clear that the UK retail market is changing. But before we accept the news that Maplin, Prezzo and New Look are suffering from a brutal winter, let's look at the full picture.

Many of the problems facing these companies are longstanding. A look at the Plimsoll Analysis of each company reveals the following:

  • Maplin - Looking at the Plimsoll Chart to see how the problems started back in 2015.
  • New Look - The gearing chart is in decline.
  • Prezzo - (Papa Topco) look at the profitability chart - they lost £78m in 2017.

Can we blame the market sector when others are finding their way? 

This type of change is taking place in all markets. It is proof that it is not only interesting, but vital, for firms to understand the trends, spot weaknesses and learn from the successful.

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