24th May 2019

Some Good News Amongst This Week's Economic Gloom

The current news coming out of the UK economy feels like the established house of cards is having something of a wobble. This week alone we have read about:

  • 174 year old Thomas Cook is struggling to stay afloat
  • That old bastion of UK industry, British Steel has gone under
  • Jamie and his culinary delights are now only available via cookbooks
  • The High Street continues to be a bloodbath
  • Manufacturing is slumping again after the Brexit stockpiling runs out of steam

So, with all those dark clouds persisting, Plimsoll would like to cast a little bit of light to lift the mood of UK Plc. There are still some highly successful British companies out there:


JD Sports Fashion Plc

With their focus on the millennial fashion market and a higher value proposition than competitors, JD Sports have seen explosive growth and increased profitability in recent years. While the rest of the High Street dies a painful death, this is a real retail success story.

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Electrocomponents Plc

Having achieved increases in both sales and profits in each of the last 4 years, Electrocomponents Plc is on something of a roll. With digital innovation and market leading industrial products they continue to thrive in an increasingly complex Global economy.

Click here for a free analysis of Electrocomponents Plc


Halma Plc

Another stock market stalwart that has seen improvements in sales and profitability in each of the last 4 years. Riding the wave of increased focus on safety, health and environmental technologies they continue to be one of the UK’s best-performing companies.

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