Mara Nieuwsma

2nd March 2021

Case Study

Oracle Solutions Asbestos Limited finds growth during tough times

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Founded in 2008, Oracle Solutions Asbestos Limited of Kettering, Northamptonshire, are one of the leading asbestos surveying and asbestos removal companies in the United Kingdom. With several accreditations (including UKAS, HSE, UKATA, and ACAD) they can cover any asbestos-related project, from buildings to land, as well as services such as Anthrax testing, lead in paint, and more.

Oracle has gone from strength to strength and has grown into an award-winning, fully licensed and accredited asbestos consultancy and trusted organisation to many UK businesses in a variety of industries and sectors. With both their turnover and profit having increased consistently over the last five years, Oracle confirmed a record sales year in 2020, with an increase of 24% to nearly £6 million. After a period of organic growth, they decided the next step for the business was to look for an acquisition.

However, a simple idea – finding an acquisition – quickly became complex. They trolled through numerous websites and tried to gather the necessary information, but found it nearly impossible to find out the facts. They needed to know what type of businesses were the right fit for the company, what sector the businesses were in, and whether the size of the company was right for them. They weren’t sure where to look, or even who to talk to, to obtain this information.

Jess Scott, CEO of Oracle Solutions, explains, “This was a big problem for us as it was hindering our growth and we needed to find out the answers before we made any decisions. We considered every possible solution - business brokers to see what they had on offer, speaking to businesses directly to see whether they would be willing to join our company, looking through the internet to see if there was anything out there that could give us the help we needed. It took such a long time and waiting around to hear back it just wasn’t something that was working for us, so knew at that point we needed a different strategy.”

Following in-depth conversations with numerous people, Oracle’s business advisor recommended Plimsoll and they decided to look into it further. After looking at what Plimsoll had to offer, they though the analysis provided exactly what they needed. “It had the size of the businesses, the sectors they worked in, everything we thought of and more. It was easy to understand and was simple navigating around the system, it was just what we were looking for.”

 After using the Plimsoll Analysis for less than 6 months, Oracle is already reaping the benefits. They now have the time and information needed to make the right deals. They were even able to use the information Plimsoll provided to enable them to obtain the bank funding needed to make their very first acquisition. Not only has it helped them achieve their acquisition aspirations, it has also helped on a personal level by broadening their horizon as to where it is they want to go as a business.

 “If we hadn’t found the Plimsoll Analysis we wouldn’t have been able to gather the information we needed as a business to grow our company. Since using Plimsoll, it has even taught us more aspects to look at rather than just looking at the size or the sector of the business. Plimsoll has helped us endlessly and has even opened our eyes to other parts of the “acquisition world” we never would have thought of!”, Scott commented.

Oracle’s performance has been so impressive that Plimsoll has named them the No.1 Trading Partner in the UK in the asbestos services sector, and they are the only company within this sector to receive the “Outstanding Company” award for 2020. The Plimsoll Outstanding Company Awards are presented to a select number of companies, across a range of industry sectors, who have improved their overall financial performance. This is measured on overall performance as well as solid sales growth, something Oracle Asbestos has shown on a year-on-year basis. Best trading partners are companies that are winning in both sales and financial strength.

"It sounded too good to be true… but now we recommend Plimsoll to many of our associates when they are looking for help because of how much Plimsoll has helped us."

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