Chris Evans

25th August 2021


Increase the potency of your management reporting and free up time for decision making

Every business leader has those few strategic questions that they wish they had easy, ready-made answers to. Those key questions that keep coming up in every board meeting and around the water cooler cost time and money compiling that could be better spent acting on. Questions such as:

  • “How do we compare to the latest KPI’s in our market?”
  • “What’s the latest news from the market?”
  • “What are the latest industry benchmarks for growth?”
  • “What are the latest industry benchmarks for profit?”
  • “What does our performance trend look like? Are you improving or falling behind?”
  • “What impact has more up to date financial data had on performance in our market?”
  • “What is happening in related markets that we rely on or might pivot to?”

Now imagine the convenience of having those answers at your fingertips and being able to revisit those questions every month to see how the picture is evolving. Think about how much more effective you could be as a business leader if acquiring that strategic intelligence took none of your time and was shareable with your fellow decision-makers.

 Plimsoll has introduced a monthly Management Report to help busy decision-makers to monitor the key elements of their financial performance and place in their market. Delivered as part of our new online analytical platform, this unrivalled tool keep you a step ahead.

Monitor your performance against the market

How does your business compare against the rest of your key markets on the main KPI’s? The Management Reporting Module will show how you compare against:

  • Sales growth
  • Profitability
  • Market share
  • Productivity
  • Debtor days
  • and more

The management team at your company will have the latest, ongoing comparisons of your business against its key markets on a platform that is both easy to use and completely shareable.

Latest headlines from your market

 Rather than missing breaking headlines from your industry, have them laid out in your Management Report. As a Plimsoll subscriber, enjoy the added benefit of being able to see the latest analysis on the companies behind the headlines and see the fundamentals of every company’s true performance.

While the rest of your market merely sees the headlines, you and your executive team will be able to judge the context.

Monitor the “Big Two” industry benchmarks – and how you compare

Sales growth and profit remain the most immediate benchmarks companies compare themselves against. The Management Report lets you effortlessly see:

  • The latest year’s average sales growth in the market
  • The latest year’s average profit margins
  • Your own company’s ranking on those major measures
  • The change in your ranking year on year

 Plimsoll ensures you have constant access to the two most important benchmarks of your business performance. Our easy-to-use analysis monitors your rankings on both, so your team are alert and ready to act fast to looming threats.

Keep up to date with changes as new data becomes available

New financial data becomes available throughout the year. Companies are constantly posting new years’ worth of accounts and the Management Report will tell you who they are so you will be among the first to see a change in their performance.

Such is the interconnectivity with Plimsoll’s unique suite of analytical tools, you will be able to click on any company and see their latest performance rating, valuation, and acquisition potential on the same day their next accounts are filed.

Access to the analysis will ensure you are continuously up to speed with insight on the companies in your market and are never caught out by news of takeovers or company failure.

Maintain a view of related markets

 While you may serve specific markets and currently be focused on performance there, a whole web of support, auxiliary and related industries exist around it. Whether it’s supply industries, similar industries serving more niche specialities, or industries you sell into, how do you identify those you need to monitor?

 Plimsoll scans the related markets you need intelligence on and provides a top-level view of the latest trends. If you are looking for the most profitable or highest growth markets to pivot towards or want to know where M&A opportunities are most densely populated, all your options are laid out in our new platform.

The Management Report is available as part of all subscription packages to Plimsoll’s new business performance platform launching this autumn. It works alongside the new Benchmarking Module whereby you can take a deeper dive into how your company compares to its key rivals and build your own comparative analysis.

 Pre-launch, we will be choosing one company from each of the 1600 industry studies we produce to have one-month advanced access before anybody else in the market. To register your interest in being the first to view the new Plimsoll Analysis Platform please click here.

If you are not lucky enough to be the first, then why not register for product development and launch updates and other exciting analytical tools Plimsoll is launching in Autumn 2021. Click here to register for updates.