Emily Garside

6th June 2019


Green Shoots Showing for the Recycling Industry?

New analysis from Plimsoll Publishing has revealed which areas of the Waste Management sector are proving most valuable for the companies involved. The chart below shows the changing values across these industries, according to the latest year of financial data.


Values are generally up across this sector; more than half of the companies analysed were shown to be increasing in value. But the most significant changes were in the Oil, Textile and IT Recycling industries.

Current geopolitical factors and increasing attention to climate-related issues are likely to boost the financial strength of companies across the Environment sector. However, the growing values seen here are likely to be a result of long years of investment in infrastructure and technology. In a challenging market, these efforts may be starting to pay off as recycling specialists are beginning to show strong signs of value creation.

Plimsoll provides financial analysis on companies and industries across the Environment, Waste Management and Recycling Sectors. Each industry report provides information about market trends, company values and acquisition targets.

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