Thomas Cook

17th September 2019


Eddie Stobart acquisition proposal the first of many?

Eddie Stobart who recently suspended trading of shares after a multi-million pound accounting error that saw the firm’s profits shrink to a level which the Board has described as the ‘low end of expectation’, has been approached for potential buy-out by Dbay Advisors.

The road haulage firm started the year with an impressive performance, defying potential Brexit concerns with the prospect of a March departure, but suffered after a multi-million pound accounting error saw a decline in share performance. This could be what has motivated the firm that hold the third-largest share in Eddie Stobart to begin buy-out negotiations.

Plimsoll’s Road Haulage industry analysis shows consistent improvement in Eddie Stobart’s overall financial rating from 2014 to 2017. The company also came 7th in the industry for pre-tax profits, and 3rd in total sales in the industry back in 2017.

In spite of such a strong performance, the company was rated as ‘worth considering’ for acquisition due to factors such as a low number of shareholders, a large difference between current and potential future values, high gross earnings and the sales growth being above the industry average. This twinned with a drop in share price and overall financial rating could make for a highly attractive acquisition opportunity; a real opportunity.

In Plimsoll’s analysis of the UK’s top performing 1500 Road Haulage companies, there were a further 299 companies that were rated as ‘highly attractive’ for acquisition, and a further 1055 as ‘worth considering. Looking at the ‘highly attractive’ acquisition opportunities by size, the analysis found that only one company over £50million was worth considering, three companies between £20million and £50million worth considering, 20 companies between £5million and £20million, with the remaining 275 opportunities being of a size smaller than £5million.

The Road Haulage industry analysis allows people to filter by region, by size and a number of other metrics, allowing businesses and business leaders to find the attractive acquisition opportunities that match their acquisition opportunities.

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