20th October 2017

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Analysing The UK's Leading High Street Retailers

On the back of the news that UK retail sales fell by 0.8% for the month of September, Plimsoll has updated its view on the financial health of the UK’s top 100 High Street Retailers.

Amid Brexit and economic uncertainty over the last 12 months, findings from Plimsoll’s October 2017 High Street Retailers Analysis indicates:

  • On average each company has witnessed positive sales growth of 3.8%
  • Average pre-tax profit margin for each business analysed in the study is 5%
  • By combing the total sales of each retailer equates to £1.129bn.

Yet despite retail sales falling in the previous month, the new findings suggest that over 50% of the UK’s High Street retailers are showing strong financial health.

Each of the 100 High Street Retailers included in the Plimsoll Analysis has been rated Strong, Good, Mediocre, Caution or Danger. These ratings are based on the Plimsoll Model – Plimsoll’s unique graphical model that highlights the current strength of each company and measures change in performance over the previous four years.

The following is a breakdown of the performance ratings revealed in the analysis this month:

Anyone interested in finding out more information on the Plimsoll Analysis: UK High Street Retailers  please contact Chris Glancey on the details below:

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