25th June 2018

9 Industries Proving That Gender Balanced Boards Produce More Profit

The shocking gender pay gap and a lack of female directors in top jobs have been hot news topics recently.

Research by the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy unearthed some pitiful excuses from the boardrooms of FTSE 350 companies for why their boardrooms remain a “male dominated” domain.

Despite it being 2018, some of the excuses given include “I don’t think women fit comfortably in the board environment” and “All the good women have been snapped up”.

However, Plimsoll, the UK’s leading market analysts have identified five industries that are leading the way in having mixed gender boardrooms. Companies within these markets that are encouraging female decision makers onto their boards are reaping large benefits:

Legal Services

Video Games Developers

Energy Suppliers

Private Equity

Life Assurance & Pensions

Marine Equipment Manufacturers

Wealth Management

Entertainment Agencies

Aerospace Engineering.


Mixed gender boards in these 9 industries in particular, are the top performers in the market. For example, in the UK Legal Services market, boards with female directors return profit margins of more than twice that achieved by their male only equivalents.