281 high growth firms named in new report

New evidence from UK market analysts Plimsoll Publishing Ltd suggests that it’s not all doom and gloom for the UK Meat industry – despite Cleveland Meat Co Ltd entering administration.

A new study into the financial wellbeing of the UK’s largest 1107 Meat companies indicates 536 firms have seen their value increase over the last 12 months as well as 659 businesses being rated as having a financial health risk of Strong/Good. 

To complement this, further findings from Plimsoll’s Meat Analysis concluded: 

  • 281 high growth firms have seen their sales increase by over 10%
  • 416 companies are averaging profit margins of 4%
  • On average, sales per employee is up to £291, 000
  • Firms with sales between £30m and £50m are showing the fastest sales growth.

David Pattison, Plimsoll’s senior analyst, said: “Despite Cleveland Meat Co going into administration, our latest research shows the UK Meat industry is improving: average pre-tax profit margins have improved consecutively over the last 5 years and on average each company has improved their turnover by 3% in the last 12 months.  A great barometer for any industry to measure the overall improvement in the market is to look at the number of companies increasing in value. In all we identified 536 companies that have increased in value over the last 12 months and their performance adds to the belief that the overall market is highly competitive. 

In comparison, Plimsoll has also produced a market report on the UK’s largest seafood companies as well as poultry companies. As outlined in the table below, the results indicate the UK meat industry has a larger number of growing of high growth companies and the least number of companies in financial danger. 


Number of companies growing over 10%

Industry Average Pre-Tax profit margin

% of companies contained in each Plimsoll Analysis rated as financial risk ‘Danger’













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The Plimsoll Meat Analysis is available to buy by clicking here. The Analysis examines the largest 1000 companies operating in the UK