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What is the Plimsoll Model?

The Plimsoll Charts Explained

Each company is assessed using the Plimsoll Model. This easy to understand assessment of each company will alert you to a company's financial health and it's strengths and weaknesses over the past 5 years.

Click here to watch a brief overview of how this powerful model will give you a new perspective on company performance

How does it show me how a company is performing?

Through a series of charts, the analysis will show how each company is performing. In fact, 9 out of 10 companies currently in administration were rated as Danger on their Plimsoll Model up to 2 years prior to their demise.

For each company you will receive:

  • An individual assessment of their financial health
  • 7 key performance charts measuring profitability, growth, financial health and much more
  • A valuation based on their latest accounts
  • A valuation trend model showing change in value
  • An acquisition attractiveness rating
  • Written performance summaries detailing areas of interest
  • Breakdown of the board, subsidiaries and shareholders

Click on the image to see a full Plimsoll Model on a recently failed company and see how the model alerted the reader to changes long before its ultimate demise

How does it compare performance against the industry?

In addition to an individual assessment of each company you will also receive a summary overview of the latest developments in the market. In this section you will receive:

  • The latest performance tables ranking the companies by sales, profitability, efficiency and growth
  • A breakdown of the latest averages for growth, profitability and much more
  • Summary of the overall size of the market
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