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The Plimsoll App is now available for iPhone and iPad

For the first time ever you will be able to see how a particular UK market compares to other sectors of the economy. We can tell you how profitable an industry is, how much it is growing and how risky it is compared to other markets.

Features :-

  • The first app of its kind in the UK!
  • Latest industry insight into more than 600 key UK sectors
  • Which UK sectors are currently performing or failing
  • Provides actual performance indicators on every UK market
  • Sector by sector analysis of:
    • Fastest growing/ shrinking industries
    • Safest / Riskiest Industries
    • Most/ Least profitable industries
  • An incorporated Industry Search makes finding your industry easy
  • Insightful visual graphics
    • Sales Growth charts & Industry Rank
    • Pretax Profit margin graphs
    • Risk Index charts & Scoring
  • Plimsoll customer login to access personal reports
  • Updated Monthly
  • Newsletter sign-up to keep up to date on Plimsoll Reports

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The Plimsoll App is coming soon (mid January) iPhone and iPad

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